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Who we are

SpanishLibertarian was created by Ignasi Boltó, who tired of listening to long speeches about the matters he loved decided to break them into "pills" of 1, 2, 3 minutes. This "pills" helped himself and started to help many other people with the quick discovery and understanding of key concepts of the libertarian movement.

Since then, SpanishLibertarian has been continuously evolving and improving the quality of its contents, thanks to the collaboration of designers, editors, communicators, technicians and all sorts of passionate people compromised with the spreading of a liberty message for our time.


Does capitalism only benefit the rich? J. R. Rallo

We must not hate wealth, we must hate poverty. F. D. Villanueva

Manuel Llamas proves economic illiteracy of Podemos

What you are not taught in school about Communism. Antonio Escohotado

How to generate prosperity. Daniel Lacalle

Why socialism does not work. Francisco Capella

What is liberalism? María Blanco

To face the State. Miguel Anxo Bastos

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Our goals

  • To bring together all the spanish libertarian "voices" into a single space.
  • To help this "voices" to be heart beyond the hispanic world, getting past the language barrier.
  • Our project is simple and it works: short edited videos that maximize reach and impact.
  • To produce "pills" of modern liberty wisdom to spread the libertarian ideas.
  • To provide to other freedom activists with the means and knowledge to succeed with their personal projects.

Collaborate with us

Video editing
Edit your favorite speeches, turning them into "pills" with a powerful message.
Help others get past the language barrier by translating and writing down subtitles.
The great cultural politics war has started. Let's win it together, one meme at a time!